Monday, May 11, 2009

Partial Weekend Success

I had planned to get a lot done this past weekend, and even took Friday off for various reasons, but it's obvious that not enough was accomplished.
Between wanting to get the first mowing of the meadow, er, lawn done, and Val having an IV MS treatment, I did not go in to work Friday. After knocking about a pound of dry grass off the mower (having forgotten to clean it off at the end of last year), as well as cleaning off the spark plug and connection, I finally got the mower started and a bit more than an hour later, I was finished.
I then got ready to meet Val for lunch and the IV treatment, but I got to the lunch spot and did not see her, and went to the other spot I thought I might have sleepily agreed to that morning; she was not there, either. So I missed lunch and Val and caught up with her later.
Indeed, at the first spot, the Washington Street Market (on Ellicott Street, for some reason), I tried to use the parking meters, but the first one wasn't working when I tried to use change and a credit card, so I went to a second machine. I realized that the note saying $2 for 10 hours wasn't a suggestion, it was mandatory to spend that, and had to use my card again (surprisingly, I didn't have $2 in change with me). Whose brilliant idea is it to have these machines programmed to only take $2? Does everybody park for 10 hours along here?
Now it's Monday, and I have too many things on my to-do list still, with two Mother's Day dinners/visits not allowing me to get much else done.


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