Monday, May 04, 2009

Sunday Cleaning: Anybody Not Do It?

Val and I joined no doubt most of Buffalo and Western New York Sunday in doing some outdoor yard cleaning, even though we didn't have the time to do as much as we wanted or was needed.
Val raked and I picked up the front yard; five bags of leaves and other yard debris were cleaned up, but we were amused by what else was there. Not only did we find two beer bottles in the front bushes and flowers, we found a dark rubber (I think) bicycle seat, the entire thing in rather good condition, two plastic bags containing, you guessed it, dog poo, as well as other, fortunately empty bags.
Due to a rather busy weekend and grocery shopping, taking Walker Evans to the Lasalle Park dog park, laundry and the like, I wasn't able to mow the lawn yet, and it now resembles a meadow.


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