Monday, April 27, 2009

Taking Advice

Val has been on me for a long time to get more sleep; I have been lucky that, since my days at Buffalo State College and working an all-hours schedule at Wilson Farms, that I can effectively operate on 4-5 hours of sleep a night.
Of course, I do push that too much and instead of making it an occasional thing, I have made it a habit that verges on the everyday. It doesn't effect my work performance, because I would never allow lack of sleep to do that, but I do feel more tired than I would like more often (and stop thinking "age" right now, kind readers).
Last night allowed me to blend the dumb with the normal. After my 6-8 p.m. airshift on WBNY 91.3 FM's Alumni Weekend (more on that later), I got home, folded and put away the last load of laundry, reheated my leftover chicken wings (barbecued from Cole's) and watched "Family Guy" with Val. When she went upstairs afterwards to go to bed, I watched both NHL playoff hockey games on DVR.
While I was smart enough to stop watching both midway through the third period as the Capitals and Carolina Hurricanes had insurmountable leads, I still didn't get through things until about 12:35 a.m., at which I went upstairs and dorked around on the computer until about 1:45-12:50 a.m. and finally went to bed.
I am not exactly vowing that I will listen to Val and go to bed sooner, but I will certainly try.


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