Monday, April 20, 2009

Exit Holiday, Stage Left

Among the ways I can tell that the Easter holiday is gone (even the Serbian Orthodox celebrated yesterday) is by a visit to Wegmans.
I did our weekly grocery shopping yesterday (not counting Saturday's visit to Guercio's) at Wegmans and later the Lexington Co-Op. Wegmans first was noticeably barren of chocolate rabbits, which line many rows and shelves during Easter.
But what to me was the definitive sign of the end of the holiday was that the only jelly beans left in the bulk food section were the dreaded spice jelly beans, known to me as one of the meanest candies in the world for both the yucky taste and for fooling kids and grownups for hundreds of years.


Blogger heather said...

The Easter Bunny only brings us Starburst and Nerd jelly beans now. That means no black ones, hurray!

4:19 PM  

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