Thursday, April 09, 2009

PriceRite Problems: So What Ya Gonna Do?

I tried shopping for the first time at the PriceRite store in the Stuyvesant Plaza on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo Wednesday, and to say it went poorly would be an understatement.
We live a few blocks away from the new grocery store, and we needed enchilada sauce and cheese sauce for dinner last night and today; because I forgot the cheese sauce while shopping at Wegmans and the Lexington Co-Op was out of the enchilada sauce (Frontera) we use Sunday, I figured it was better to stop at PriceRite on the way home instead of going out to Wegmans on Amherst Street.
I knew that the crowds had been very large since the store's recent opening, so I wasn't surprised that I had to park in the third-farthest parking spot from the store in the front lot. But things started bad inside with the outer doorway still only wide enough for one person going in and going out, and you now have to jog to the left through more narrow doors to get inside the store.
Ah, yes; getting inside the store. The large numbers of shoppers made things crowded to start with, but it was with more than a bit of surprise that I discovered that the location of nothing is marked or indicated in any of the aisles except for the Latin/Hispanic food being located in one main spot. Items and types of items are scattered all over and mixed together, just stacked on and in parts of the cardboard boxes they came shipped in to PriceRite.
I realize that this is part of the plan to keep prices down, but I found tomato sauce in four different areas, enchilada sauce in three spots, and I could not find any cheese sauce. I asked one of the workers, and the directions he gave me took me to some tomato sauce, but none of the items I was trying to find.
I also really enjoyed playing "Dodge the Rude/Slow/Lost/Oblivious Shopper," which seemed to be on a high level of difficulty as apparently not one gaggle of people shopping in groups of two or more was able to do so without standing all across the aisle. Those that expected me to prostrate myself against the grocery items or poles were in for rude discoveries.
I finally fled the store and went to Wegmans and got the items I needed, wasting 20-30 minutes and probably upping my blood pressure. I will try back in a few months at PriceRite, and hope that at least some improvements have been instituted.


Blogger Rastamick61 said...

Kevin. during summer school I get an hour for lunch and spend every possible second of it in wegs on Amherst St. What a great people parade. Now that Cro-Zoo doesn't sell crickets for the critters Wegman's is all I have over there !

2:47 PM  
Blogger mark said...

I was in there last week and I agree, it was a bad experience.

I stopped for a loaf of bread:
- the selection sucked
- the parking lot was a nightmare
- the store was PACKED with shoppers
- stuff is all over the place

I left and stopped at Mode, bought a loaf fresh out of the oven (for 3 times as much) but, boy was it worth it!

3:43 PM  

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