Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thursday's Douchebag: Me

I like to point out people who go above and beyond the call of duty to be annoying simps here, so let me point out that I achieved the above distinction for my performance as a driver in a parking garage Thursday.
I parked in the pay garage adjacent to the Family Court building on Franklin Street and went to work Thursday, a real busy day but a good one in that I got a ton of work done and basically caught up heading into the weekend.
When I pulled out of my parking space, I turned the wrong way, but caught myself and turned around and started heading the correct way. Another car turned the corner and came my way, a bit more toward the center than preferable but still leaving enough room for me to get by him.
As I came close to him, I could see the driver pointing toward my car repeatedly, and I thought he was reacting to me driving in his direction; too many drivers forget that this is a two-way inner roadway, even with yellow arrows painted on the ground. I started yelling, basically to myself, that this was a two-way area.
So, when we came up to each other, he was still pointing to my car, so I rolled down the window. As soon as he rolled his down, I yelled, "this is a two-way area; look at the arrows." He replied, with a slightly confused look on his face, "I know this is a two-way area. I just wanted to mention that your license plate ..."
" loose. Oh, damn, I am so, so sorry, sir. I know it is loose and I am getting it fixed when I get my car inspected later this month," I replied as I actually slapped my head and then hit it on my steering wheel. The plate is loose and hanging on one end, and many people have been nice enough to point this out to me. I continued to apologize to the other driver, who had the combination look of "I understand and accept your apology" and "geez, what a loose cannon. Let me just get away from him."
So, I felt like an idiot the rest of the day for doing that and I still feel like a douchebag as I write about it now.


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