Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Missing Dad

Five years ago today, April 15, 2004, my father, Edward William Hosey, died of a massive coronary one day after he suffered a stroke. To say that he is missed and that our family still feels the pain would be a vast understatement.
While the immediate pain for me has dulled, every day I see how he is missed. He and my mother Sheila should still be enjoying their retirement together, including traveling by car to various historic vacations and sites, often Civil War battle sites and related spots. They should still be having their needless, useless and after a while reasonless minor arguments and differences that us children and our spouses ended up calling the Ed and Sheila Show. We are still able to recite some stories and arguments verbatim, only stopping to control our laughter. They should also still be visiting family in Arizona and be preparing to go there for granddaughter Colleen Hosey's upcoming wedding.
I see my mother missing Dad every day, my sister Heather sadly now marking her birthday only four days beforehand, and I see not only us but grandchildren either missing Dad or never having had the chance to really know him.
I miss talking to him about the Buffalo Bills (I would love to have heard his stories on Lou Saban again), Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Braves, the City of Buffalo where he grew up, his U.S. Army service in the Korean War, his conversion from being a Republican to a Democrat after being sickened by the actions of President Ronald Reagan and the local GOP, and countless other reasons. I miss seeing how well he and Val got along and talked.
I usually hate was some may call trite emotions, but in this instance, at least I have a wealth of memories of my Dad. Rest in peace and thanks for everything, Dad.


Blogger heather said...

I miss him too. He was a man of few words (couldn't always get too many in) but what he said was either funny, interesting or great advice.

I am sure he is still talking about the Bills and Sabres with Brian, and who knows, maybe Lou Saban himself.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Kim Hosey said...

This was touching, Kevin. I miss him too, so I can only imagine the Ed-shaped hole in all of your lives. (I laughed out loud at the Ed and Sheila Show bit.)

I was just going through pictures of him with David from their visit a few years ago. David loves learning about his family, which I think is so wonderful.

Also, I think he's wearing Bills paraphernalia in one or two of the shots!

3:37 PM  
Blogger Colleen Hosey said...

Very well said Kevin. I, too, snickered at the Ed and Sheila Show bit. I was going through pictures a month ago trying to find ones of family in New York to show Mike for our visit and I came across ones from the last trip they made together out here. I proceeded to tell Mike all about Grandpa and how great of a person he was and that I am quite confident he and Dad are watching down on us everyday. I know they will both have front row seats at the wedding too.

12:43 AM  

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