Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not So Saucy

It may not be a big thing in the whole scheme of life, but it sucks when a store stops carrying a favorite sauce of yours.
Val and I have been getting Frontera Enchilada Sauce with garlic and other herbs and spices from the Lexington Co-Op for months now, or at least were. About four weeks ago, the store suddenly no longer had it on its shelves, and the shelf tag was gone.
I had forgotten to write down the brand name the first time I asked the staff there about it, but found it in our recycling bin and asked again the next week; I was told that they would check to see if it would be reordered.
I went in again Monday, after a couple more weeks, and asked again, and I was told that the item was discontinued. I noticed that Wegmans started carrying Frontera salsa, so I guess I'll have to ask them to carry the enchilada sauce.
Now, if I only knew someone on the board of the Co-op ...


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Hmmm. :)

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