Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walker Evans Throws Us a Curveball

Just when Val and I thought Walker Evans was feeling better, the pup goes and scares us a bit more before things take another turn for the better.
As the previous entry stated, Walker had some stomach problems that got to the point where we had to take him to the vet's office yesterday, and as of this morning, after taking Pepcid AC and other treatments and so on, he seemed to be doing pretty good and had stopped his licking and panting. In the past, he has suffered from bloat and has gastritis.
After eating normal last night, he skipped breakfast this morning, but I thought he was just adjusting himself to feeling better. I took him to Puppy Playpen for his normal weekly dog day care visit, and when Val picked him up, she was told that he was lethargic and drooling all day. While Val called the vet's office again, I gave him a backyard session, in which he peed and then pooed; like a concerned dad, I checked his output and found some either hair or rug chords in his poo.
When Val called, the vet told us to make him something different that he could eat, and when Walker has had previous problems, Val made him boiled hamburger, something I also suffered through when growing up (having Irish and English grandparents, this was thought of as a dinner feast), along with rice.
Walker then wanted to go out to the backyard again, and I saw that he was assuming the poo position again; after a minute or so, he was still in the position and I thought I saw something, well, sticking out of him. I went outside, and saw that the poo was more than just poo, and had more rug fiber in it. I did what any dog dad or mom would do, took out a plastic bag used for picking up dog poo on walks, and pulled the rest of the fun out of Walker.
He seemed a lot better once this operation was complete, and Val was being a great mom by making him his dinner as well as making her own. Walker ate some hamburger and rice, along with more Pepcid and his own metochlopramide as per the veterinarian's request. He has kept everything down, and he also has gained some strength and later came over to Val for his customary after-dinner massage.
Once again, we're hoping that the worst is now over and Val and I again thank everyone for their concern, best wishes and love for Walker.


Blogger heather said...

Sounds like Walker doesn't undestand what it means to get more fiber in your diet :-)

I went to the vet for subcutaneous IV needles and fluids last night, I have to give it to Snugs twice a week for her kidneys now. Unfortunately it means she's hungry for canned can food all the time. Especially at 2:30 and 5:00 AM

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