Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Bit More Sleep, With Help

I am feeling a little more rested than I have from earlier this week, due to getting a bit more sleep last night, both on the couch and in bed a little earlier than past nights.
Having a commitment in Hamburg earlier last night, I did not get home until after 8 p.m. and I forgot to set the DVR before I left for it, so I got to watch the Pittsburgh Penguins-Washington Capitals NHL playoff game from about 7 minutes into the second period to the end on DVR. Pittsburgh won in overtime, 3-2, and I watched most of the game, between periods of sleep; indeed, the first part of the game I DVRed started to replay after I fell asleep during overtime, but I did catch the end of the game in the next portion I DVRed.
I then went to part two of my late sports watching session and turned to the Los Angeles Lakers-Houston Rockets NBA playoff game, which I watch live from the second quarter to the end; the Lakers won, 111-98, with Kobe Bryant scoring 40 points.
Of course, instead of going directly to bed (I had even changed into my pyjamas during halftime of the basketball game), I checked e-mail and Facebook and then finally went to bed.
While still a little tired, the dreary, gray looking day that Val already criticized here at the Dunne-Hosey Estates will pass.


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