Saturday, March 07, 2009

Sad Continental News

Following up on my post yesterday on seeing a work crew, a truck, ladders and red cones at the Continental, 212 Franklin Street, Wednesday, Val told me that when she drove by the Continental on her way home from work Friday night, she saw that the club's sign was taken down/gone.
Sadly, that would explain the ladders and work crew I saw, and while the Continental has been closed for years, it remained a silent memorial to the 30 years that it represented the punk and new wave music community as well as original music in lots of other forms.
And more than just a place for bands to play and audiences to listen, the Continental was a home for many of us seeking certain music, people, lifestyles and so on that we could't find elsewhere. While the club closed as the crowd that used to go there for so long aged and grew into other interests, just seeing the club and the sign while driving by brought back great, and hundreds, of memories. Obviously, whoever owned the club couldn't just let it stand like a memorial and had to do something with it, but it hurts.
I will contiune to try to find out more on the club's status, because the Continental is such a large part of my personal and professional life. Time to look for Bud Redding's e-mail or telephone number.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sad news, so many memories. I spent 11 years hanging in that club as a patron and dj. There will never be a place like that again. The 90's and 00's from that place supplied enough memories to last 10 lifetimes.


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