Friday, March 06, 2009

Work at The Continental?

After dropping Walker Evans off at the downtown location of the Puppy Playpen on Ellicott Street near Chippewa Street Wednesday for his weekly dog day care session, I drove from Chippewa to Franklin Street and turned left to go to park at work.
This is not my usual route (basically Elmwood Avenue to South Elmwood Avenue to Niagara Street and the Circle four days a week), so I do not know when it started or of it is continuing, but after driving 1 1/2-2 blocks, I came up on the Continental, the classic and sadly closed punk/new wave club for those of you wondering (unfortunate people).
What really caught my attention was that there were 2-3 people there working on the club, with a truck, 2-3-story ladders, the doors to the Continental open and red cones set up in the street and on the sidewalk at and near the club, preventing people from walking by or driving too close. I wasn't able to see if there was any writing on the truck.
I have no idea if anyone has bought the club or is renovating it, or if these are just safety tasks being performed, so anyone who knows what is going on at/with The Continental, please drop me a line, electronic or otherwise.


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