Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sabres: Deal or No Deal?

Today is the trade deadline in the National Hockey League, and hockey people are waiting to see who makes deals and which teams do not as the playoffs approach.
Will the Buffalo Sabres make a deal or two? The Sabres, as every NHL team, have needs (big defensemen and forwards and a backup goaltender come to mind), but remember, first, owner Tom Golisano decides how much money is spent on players and on what players, not coach Lindy Ruff or even general manager Dacry Regier. Also, teams need to want players or draft choices the Sabres or other teams have to make a deal, and there are few Sabres other teams seem to want, and those (Thomas Vanek, Ryan Miller, Craig Rivet) are certainly not available.
I and other Sabre fans are hopeful, but I for one am not expectant, for a trade today.


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