Monday, March 02, 2009

The Cypher Governor

Val and I watched the Morley Safer interview with Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal on "60 Minutes" last night, and we were laughing and shaking our heads as much as anything else.
This is the future of the Republican Party? Please, let it be so; he came off as smarmy, insincere, over-rehearsed, cliche ridden, opportunistic, flop-sweat infested and willing to say anything to make anyone happy or agree with him. Believes in having Intelligent Design taught in public schools and signed a law having it done in Louisiana? Wow, teaching creationism and bringing religion into public schools. Anti-abortion? Yeah, take away basic rights for women; freaking brilliant. Whose beliefs are these, the Duggar Family?
With the likes of former Congressman/current right-wing windbag and noted accomplisher of nothing positive Newt Gingrich among his big supporters, Jindal may be able to go far in national GOP politics, where accomplishment and collegiality have already taken back seats to jingoism, do-nothingism and attacks.
So please, please, please, Republicans, make Jindal or Alaska Governor Sarah Palin your future and examples, if not actual picks, for leadership posts and presidential and/or vice presidential candidates. This will help the Democratic Party retain the presidency and continue to keep the GOP a minority party, while certainly not a party of minorities.


Blogger Kim Hosey said...

I have to admit, I was ignorant as to Jindal's philosophy and general style until shortly before the election. When I saw him and the talking heads were more or less pitching him as the GOP's answer to Obama, I kind of nodded like yeah, I can see that. I guess I'm not immune to stupid assumptions based on very first appearances. Fortunately, I am immune to assumptions that require one to shelve his or her brain, and as soon as he opened his mouth the nodding gave way to vigorous shaking. And laughing. I mean, really. Just ... ugh. He's Palin, in a youngish male body. And when is the GOP going to realize that folksiness does not equal leadership potential?

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