Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thanks for the Paint Job?

The first thing I noticed when I pulled into our driveway when I came home from work today was that the light pole on the city easement on the front piece of our property, about a foot from the driveway, was no longer that medium, almost government-issue green, but instead, was black.
Now, I love black clothing, shoes and lots of other things this color, but while the black light pole will no doubt be able to be seen during daylight and in a snowstorm, how about during nighttime? I am afraid that some person, intoxicated or not and particularly someone not too familiar with our neighborhood, is either going to walk or drive into it some night. And aesthetically, it is also lacking, because the old numbers, three peal-off decals, were taken off the pole before it was painted and placed back on it, with the edges not exactly tightly sealed.
This is the second public project on part of our property I wasn't aware was going to happen before it did; last week, street crews came around our neighborhood (Norwood/Ashland/Bryant/West Utica) and used the black top material to patch up parts of the street and sidewalk, including two small parts of our walkway.


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