Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Would Listening Be Too Much to Ask?

I returned a book to the library today (not downtown, but at the branch nearest us that shall remain nameless), and while it was not the worst "customer service" I have ever received, it did touch on my pet peeve of someone you are talking to not paying attention.
The book I returned was one Val just finished reading, and I knew it was 4 days late, meaning we owed $1. I went to the desk and waited until the person in front of me was done. When it was my turn, I handed the book to the woman there and said, "my wife just finished this book and it is overdue. I believe I owe $1," and held the dollar bill in my hand on the desk top. She ran the book through the scanner (which I fully understand and support), then looked at me and said, "this book is overdue and you owe $1. Do you want to pay it now?"
"Yes, that is why I just told you that my wife just finished the book, and that it is overdue and I owe $1," I replied as I handed her the dollar bill and left.


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