Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Irresistable Yard Work

I see that Derek at Punaro.com shares my inability to go into the backyard or elsewhere with a few spare minutes during the summer and not do some project.
While Derek worked on their house itself, yesterday, Monday, I went to the garage to get our propane grill out for dinner (I misunderstood Val, who had arranged and shared the grill of our neighbor, musician Jim Whitford, to cook our salmon). As I opened the garage, next to the grill, on a portable storage table, were my favorite pruning/tree/bush saw, weed trimmer/clipper and pruning shears. I proceeded, despite the 80 degree-plus weather, to cut down three "small" trees along our shared fence line with Jim and his wife Lynn, several bushes and also pruned and trimmed a bunch more, as well as did some serious weeding.
Val laughs at me because I can't go into the backyard for more than two minutes without doing some of this work, but we have a rather large backyard and my time to work in it is limited, so I frequently end up with green fingers by the time we eat dinner.


Blogger Derek J. Punaro said...

The list is just so long and there is so little time to do it!

8:14 PM  

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