Saturday, August 12, 2006

Greetings and (Lack of) Sightings

Well, well, well; Buffalo News columnist Mary Kunz Goldman certainly has her detractors and commentators; in particular, Alan Bedenko, our beloved Buffalo Pundit, has not only written some in-depth criticisms of her columns, he has developed a scale for judging her writing.
Well, an "Alive Night" Party held by Broadway-Fillmore Alive at Arty's in Buffalo last night appears to have been rather successful, with many bloggers in attendance. Also there, with her husband, was Kunz Goldman, who seems by all indications to have taken the commentary by Alan and others pretty well and made some friends, She also made a short video greeting for Alan, and is willing to meet and talk with him. The video can be seen at Buffalo Pundit, Buffalo Geek and WNY Media.
I suggest that Bedenko and Kunz Goldman meet, best over a beer or several, and that the meeting and discussion be videotaped by WNY Media for a podcast and other media.
And by the way, Val and I ate dinner at Amy's Place tonight; as usual it was excellent, but we still didn't see any piano.


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