Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun Postponed

Damn; I just got an e-mail from Ken Biringer, who does the publicity for The Sportmen's Tavern, and it says that the Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun show scheduled for tonight, Thursday, August 3, is postponed.
According to Ken, "Dave Elliott, Bill’s drummer was diagnosed late yesterday afternoon with a leaky heart valve that may be infected. This condition can be very serious. I know a couple of people that have this condition. Dave says he feels good, but simply needs some tests done today & tomorrow. Bill tried franticly last night & this morning to round up a substitute for this run of dates. A substitute drummer was found, but, he is not avail. to join the band until the Cleveland show. Bill sends his deepest regrets & says he will make it up to us in the very near future when he is touring to support his new CD."
As well as feeling disappointed at the postponement of Kirchen's show, I hope that Dave Elliott will be OK in his health situation.


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