Sunday, August 27, 2006

Buffalo Old Home Week Catch Up

Val and I attended the job fair and small business seminar/discussion as part of the so far excellent (IMHO) Buffalo Old Home Week. I was impressed and thank the entire organizing cast, including Chris Smith, better known to many as Buffalo Geek, for all of their efforts.
Now, due to my education, work experience and skill set, I was for the most part unsuccessful during my searching in the job fair section, but I noticed many people dropping off resumes, picking up job information and talking with recruiters (Val included). While I may not have gained much from this portion, except for dropping my resume off at the start, I could see and hear others having more success; getting people from Buffalo/Western New York and from out of town and state together to discuss specific jobs is definitely a positive step.
I got more out of the small business seminar and talk by Kent Keating of Seevast/Kanoodle. These got me thinking about my approaches to and actual utilization of my freelancing activities as well as other possible business opportunities, something I find myself either too busy or simply not on topic with too often.
I am a bit mystified by criticism in the broadcast media and Internet community over the goals and events of Buffalo Old Home Week. Besides getting a lot accomplished by a relatively small group of volunteers in a relatively short time, this event has generated a lot of media attention for Buffalo, most good and a decent amount from out of town. There is no doubt that the organizers have plans in the works for improving and expanding the event for next year, and I believe they deserve pats on the back.
Depending on when you read this, we will see you at the brunch at the Casino at Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park tomorrow or we will tell you about it.


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