Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's Off to Chicago

Chances are Val and I are on the road somewhere in Southern Ontario, Michigan, Indiana or Illinois by the time you read this; we are off to Chicago for a few days of time off and visiting some of the Dunne family from the city and suburbs. But don't pout, there is a chance you just might hear from us sooner than our Monday night return.
We are taking the Southern Ontario to Michigan, Indiana and Illinois route, as you can tell; Val and I have driven and taken buses through the Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois route, and we both feel it is one of the most dreadfully boring drives in the USA.
About the only bad thing with the trip is we are missing shows by the Tarbox Ramblers, Bauhaus and Saturday's Gary Bennett Band (ex-BR549 front man), which will be free at the Sportsmen's Tavern on Amherst Street. Go to this show if you have no plans for Saturday night.
Finally, this trip also means that I have fallen further behind schedule in stories for our web site, BuffaloRoots, mainly my reviews and Val's photos of the Peter Case show at the Sportmen's Tavern and Music is Art on Franklin Street. Don't worry, the stories will be worth the wait.


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