Saturday, April 08, 2006


While we did not suit up or play, I want to apologize for Val and I possibly contributing to the Sabres' 4-2 loss to the Flyers last night. Val and I attended the game in great seats in Section 103, but the loss now drops our record in games we have attended at the HSBC Arena this season to 1-3-1, including two losses to Philadelphia.
Obviously, our attendance had nothing to do with the Sabres' loss last night; poor play, a less than stellar effort on some players' parts and no apparent jump in their skates led to Buffalo being out shot, 34-22, and basically controlled from start to finish by the Flyers.
Besides the loss, last night's most annoying moments came from the couple sitting directly in front of us, a man in his late 50s to 60s and his wife/girlfriend/whatever, in her late 40s to early 50s. He had one of those perma-smiles, but for the most part was nothing overly annoying or descriptive. His wife, on the other hand, along with her two- to three-toned blonde hair, smelled like utter hell; Val was all but gagging for most of the game over her alleged perfume, except between periods when they went to the beer concession, and to me, she smelled like a cheap gin booze hag. I really don't like or normally use the last word, but it seemed appropriate here. For some reason, she apparently had an affliction where she could not take her own coat off, because every time she sat down, her husband/boyfriend had to reach over and take it off while she sat there, his arms resting on my knees (the HSBC Arena seats are not meant for those of us 6-foot-3 and taller). She would then grab and hold onto him with both arms for much of the period.
But, the most annoying part of this woman was that it seems that she has never attended a live athletic event before, or maybe she had experience with the Mime Olympics. Val is a real sports fan, and at live events, a shouter along with the organist-led cheers, especially the classic and uncomplicated "Let's go, Buffalo." Well, this woman had to plug her ears EVERY TIME Val did the cheer, acting more like a 747 was flying just over her multicolored head; happily, after a few times of plugging her ears, Val decided to up her volume. The triple blonde kind of looked back at Val once or twice, but you don't give my wife looks like that, and after she met my dagger gaze a couple of times, she stopped. But for some reason, the woman did stand up and cheer at the Sabres' two goals and clapped along with other cheers. Considering the amount of beer she and her company drank, I am surprised they even heard anything for a while.


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Yeah... I'm starting to think that whenever we show up for games, the Sabres lose. And I misread your last post in a work-haze. We were in section 303, but trust me in that the view wasn't much better. We were surrounded by Flyer-fans. They were okay though. The guy sitting next to me was even quiet about cheering, even when I was loudly yelling at whatever the Sabres were attempting to do last night.

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