Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Already, Part 2

Val and I went to the Buffalo Arts Center in the Tri-Main Center on Main Street for the Plates and Pasta fundraiser Saturday; Val is a resident photographer and former board member at the BAS, and because she was documenting the event, I was the paying member of the couple. There was a very large crowd present, we knew a lot of people (Val's mom Janice sat at out table), and the food was rather good, although in short supply except for current board members; the extremely large amount and quality of desserts helped make up for that.
We were tired but happy as we left, and I became curious when I saw some papers on the car windshield; I knew they weren't tickets, and expected some kind of announcement for an arts event. Instead, it was another full-color Antoine Thompson for New York State Senate postcard/handbill, along with a handbill for a "Women on the Move" luncheon sponsored by The Supporters of Antoine M. Thompson. Val and I have been supporters of State Senator Marc Coppola, who Thompson is challenging, since he was the Buffalo Common Council member representing us in the Elmwood Village portion of the West Side, when he helped Val with several home and inspection issues with our house (before we had even started dating), and we continue to support him.


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