Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mail Call ... and Cheap, Too

Opening the mailbox as I got home today, I saw two packages inside, which is nothing new because of the CDs, DVDs and other materials we receive for BuffaloRoots.com, but my hopes were a little different, because I recently ordered two used books through Amazon.com. Happily, it was the two books, both by Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams: "A Farther Shore," a hard cover, and "Before the Dawn," a trade paperback. Even better, the total cost of the two books, one in excellent and the other in very good condition, including postage, was $11.67.
Val and I are among those who were disappointed that Adams was unable to travel to Buffalo/Western New York for St. Patrick's Day weekend, and insulted and confused by the actions of federal agencies in delaying/preventing Adams' visit. I reject the terrorist label on Adams, who has led Sinn Fein, and through it, the Irish Republican Army, away from violence and working toward peaceful political resolutions. Adams was jailed a few times by the British authorities without trial for his alleged terrorist links/activities; hmm, and to think some people want the Bush Administration to take after European governments more.


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