Saturday, April 22, 2006

Let the Playoffs Begin; We'll See You There Monday

Yes, Val and I are joining much of the Buffalo Blogosphere in nervously, happily anticipating the start of the Buffalo Sabres' run in the NHL playoffs, which starts in just over 2 hours tonight at the HSBC Arena against the Philadelphia Flyers. Val and I recommend that people pay attention to for lots of interesting reports and discussion on the Sabres' playoff games, including tonight, as Mark and Kevin will be at the game.
We'll be watching the game here at home tonight, but even better, Val and I will be at the second playoff game Monday. We will be sitting in Section 303, and to say that we are excited is a vast understatement; indeed, as Val just said, she is getting a bit goofy about the Sabres in the playoffs and going Monday night. I just found a photo of Val and Sabretooth taken at the 2004 Assemblyman Sam Hoyt clam bake, and we are now keeping it on our living room coffee table. Like she does all season, Val has been wearing her collection of Sabres' sweatshirts (hooded and unhooded), t-shirts and so on, and is saving her red and black, autographed Rob Ray jersey for Monday's game. I have my khaki Sabres' oxford shirt on, and am saving a Sabres' sweater and pair of boxers for Monday.
While I have been to Buffalo Braves, Stallions and Bandits playoff games before, I have never been to a Sabres' playoff game, and Val has never been in person to a professional sports playoff game, so this is one excited household. Yep, even our dog, Walker Evans, will be watching the game at home and may be guest blogging this series.


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