Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blue/Bleu Cheese, Not Ranch Dressing. Period.

I've had it. I know it isn't the first instance, but Pizza Hut's current Buffalo Wing Pizza offering, which includes ranch dressing as a "dipping sauce" instead of blue/bleu cheese dressing, has forced me to write. Only know-nothings, food rubes and national chain restaurants believe in any way that chicken wings, or, as most of them call the delicacy, Buffalo wings, are meant to dipped in ranch dressing instead of blue/bleu cheese dressing, the ordained destination of chicken wings.
Due to Pizza Hut being a regular advertiser on Buffalo Sabres television broadcasts, I have been subjected to the commercial for this pizza creation way too much this month, and a few days ago, I was actually shouting at the television while the commercial played. Val shares my hate for the ads and the whole concept of ranch over blue/bleu cheese for wings, but she patted my leg and, in a soothing voice, noted that it was a lot cheaper for Pizza Hut and other companies to use ranch dressing instead of blue/bleu cheese dressing.
Oh, yeah ...


Blogger Dan said...

Ranch for buffalo wings = FAIL... (not to bring up some painful memories for you)

12:52 PM  

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