Tuesday, April 25, 2006

2-0; This Is Fun

Val and I are still somewhat hoarse and our legs are tired from all of the screaming and jumping up and down and so on (I compared it to going to a frenetic Mass after the game), but we, like just about all of the 18,690 people in attendance and the thousands more watching and listening to last night's hockey game, are a bit in awe of the Sabres 8-2 trouncing of the Flyers.
We're happy to have ended our apparent jinx considering we were 1-3-1 in our reduced schedule of attendance at Sabres' games this season; it's amazing how two hat tricks, solid goaltending and a score that never got closer than four goals after the first period can make you forget everything else. The Sabres' discipline and the Flyers' lack of discipline and occasionally of class was also impressive.
Join me in visiting Bfloblog.com and, if I have time, elsewhere, in checking out the discussion and fallout of last night's game and press conferences. The only bad part about being at last night's game was missing the live broadcast of the two press conferences as we made our way to our car; for some reason, although the video was playing, the audio of the post-game show was gone in our part of the HSBC Arena.
Oh, well; on to Philadelphia and Game 3 Wednesday.


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