Sunday, October 02, 2011

Newest Surprise Commercial Music

I'm not 100 percent certain why, but the latest surprise music and performer I heard in a television commercial really shocked me.
I was watching a college football game about two weeks ago when a Travelers Insurance commercial came on; since I was watching the game live for once and not on DVR, I had to watch and listen.
The kind of bluesy, rootsy song was pretty cool, and while I recognized the voice, I could not put the singers' name to it at first. As I listened and kind of sang along, suddenly, it hit me: "Holy crap, that's John Hiatt," singing "Gone" from his "Crossing Muddy Waters" CD.
It is the first song Hiatt has approved for use in commercials, and while I no longer am as offended as I used to be by good music, particularly punk and new wave songs, being used in advertisements, I was and remain more surprised by normal to hear this. Of course, if this exposes Hiatt's music to a larger audience which goes out and buys some of it, good for Hiatt and the commercial worked for him.


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