Monday, August 15, 2011

West Side Encounter, Lost Dog Edition

As I closed the driveway fence gate after going to the Post Office and Price Rite, a woman about age 25-30 was sitting on the lawn across the street with a small dog, but she would not get too close and the dog was not paying close attention to her.
She yelled to me that the dog was a stray that had been seen in the neighborhood for the last 2-3 days, and that the dog would not let her pick it up and occasionally growled at her. She added that she read the number on the collar to contact, but that the telephone number was disconnected.
A neighbor who started to talk to the woman asked me if we had any extra dog food; I had just bought a few cans, so I opened one up, put some in a disposable plastic dish and carried the dish and can outside.
The neighbor, who was calling the SPCA, said that the woman and dog had gone around the corner from Norwood Avenue and were going down Bryant Street toward Elmwood Avenue. We proceeded to go that way while the SPCA told him that if we could drive the dog to them, they would handle her, but that they could not come to pick her up; that would be the responsibility of the Buffalo Animal Shelter, if we called them.
At this point, as we came to Bryant and Ashland, we saw the original woman across the street on Bryant, leaving a residence where two other women were standing outside; she had found the owner and friend of the owner of the dog and returned the dog to its home. The woman said that the dog had gotten out of the house and under the (backyard?) gate and had been missing for a few days.
Relieved, I headed home with a dog food can in one hand, open dish of dog food in the other, while the two residents of the house asked my neighbor if he could move a table for them.
As I neared home, a woman was walking her dog toward me. "Yes, there is a reason why I am walking with an open can of dog food," I said to her. "There was a stray dog on our street, but her owner was found." The woman smiled and replied, "Good."


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