Saturday, August 13, 2011

More West Side Encounters

Today's walk by Walker Evans and I provided more reasons to enjoy and note the variety of life on Buffalo's West Side.
The next block of Norwood Avenue, between Bryant and Summer, was hosting several yard sales, at least seven by my count, but it seemed like we had more people by holding ours two weeks ago, during the Garden Walk.
As we walked past the Richmond-Summer Apartments building (where my grandmother Hilda Connelly lived about 35-40 years ago), a woman was talking/yelling out her sixth-floor window to a woman in a car across the street, at relatively loud volume:
"You didn't return my call," the woman in the window said.
"What?" the woman in the car replied.
"You didn't return my call."
"You didn't return my call. Did you check your phone?"
"I have it right here. Let me, no calls."
"I don't have any calls."
"No, not that phone, your real phone."
"My what?"
"Your real phone. Check your real phone"
"This is my real phone. See?" She held the phone out the car window.
"No, your real phone. The one at home."
Walker and I finally made it out of earshot of this engrossing philosophical debate.
Later, as we walked down York Street near 16th Street, a woman was watering some flowers and plants with a garden hose, including flower pots at the corners of that intersection. As we came to the intersection, she stopped hosing the plants so we could walk by dry.
I smiled and said to her, "I actually wouldn't mind being hit by the hose," so she smiled, raised the hose, aimed up a bit and turned it on. It just barely reached my left arm, but the spray felt nice on a hot, sunny day.


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