Thursday, July 14, 2011

Diagnosis: Terminal. Treatment: Love

With Walker Evans' cancer spreading from his left eye to the rest of his body, there is little we can do for our almost 13-year-old dog and companion but give him love, something Val and I are doing.
As well as mixing in canned food with his normal dry food (more as well as richer), Walker is getting more treats, we have placed a fan on the floor near where he often lays and I am spending more time with him in the backyard (on top of his walks).
Normally, whether at meal time or otherwise, Walker was/is an efficient dog when it comes to pooing and peeing. But as of late, he is taking much more time in the backyard, apparently just to sniff flowers, leaves and his own offerings, and to simply commune with nature.
I am the person still awake to give Walker his last meal of the day, so I have been going outside with him for the last backyard visit of the night, to get some air, to think about way too many stressful matters, to make sure Walker doesn't get tangled around our wild raspberry bush and to provide Walker with some company and talk with him.
This will continue as long as we have this time together.


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