Thursday, June 30, 2011

West Side Encounters III and IV

This morning's walk of Walker Evans produced a couple of interesting, and often typical, vignettes from Buffalo's West Side.
First, a couple of blocks from home, Walker Evans and I were approaching the Bryant-Ashland intersection, when a woman parked her car on the side of Bryant facing Elmwood, with her car past the stop sign and partly blocking the sidewalk.
A man already at the intersection, walking his dog, told the woman she was blocking the sidewalk and parking unlawfully, and creating a dangerous intersection situation (this is often a bad intersection even when everyone lawfully parks). The woman stopped, looked at him and loudly said "EXCUSE ME?" The man repeated himself, but the woman started walking away toward Elmwood before he finished.
After Walker Evans and I took a long walk (from there to Hodge, crossing Elmwood and down to Delaware Avenue, then back on Bryant), we caught up with neighbor and photographer Eileen Graetz and her new greyhound, Kat, at Bryant and Ashland, and we walked back to Norwood Avenue. At one point, Walker Evans and Kat stopped to sniff a bush; Walker Evans then decided to walk under Kat, who has the high back arch of greyhounds. Walker got only partway through before he got stuck and wouldn't move. I had to push him forward and Eileen had to coax Kat to step up and forward so we could untangle them.


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