Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Comeback for Creem Magazine?

According to this story, Creem Magazine, a legendary snarky, obnoxious, irreverent, ass kicking and high charged music magazine focusing on rock, hard rock, heavy metal, punk and similar styles, originating from Detroit, is planning to resume publication in September.
The home for writers such as Lester Bangs, Joel Fernbacher, Richard Riegel, Billy Altman, Dave DiMartino, J. Kordosh, Robert A. Hull, Toby Goldstein, Penny Valentine, Mitchell Cohen, Rick Johnson and great comic reviews from Mad Peck Studios, Creem Magazine was able to both take music seriously and take the stuffing out of music, music criticism and musicians. Very few magazines and writers could make you care so much, laugh so hard and swear so loudly as Creem and its staff and contributors.
As a longtime subscriber who still has several issues (from 1979-1981, I believe) as reading material in our bathroom, I fear that without these great writers and in an atmosphere and music community where such attack journalism and criticism, blended with humor, sarcasm and bitterness, seem to have lost favor, that this may not be a successful or long-term return. Of course, with the success of The Onion, maybe it is time.
And yes, that is me you see here with one of my better-conditioned older copies of Creem from my collection, from February 1981.


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