Sunday, July 03, 2011

Box of Music, Memories

I haven't had the chance to recently write about my late father Edward's record collection, which I continue to sort, but a box I found this week will start me back on track.
This box, which was one of the last of his collection I brought here from my mother Sheila's house before we sold it in June, was put in the laundry room until I was able to get to it, but I haven't had much time. I knew there were several old record albums in it plus some other stuff, which turns out to be some of my childhood and adolescent trophies, ribbons and so on from sports and other activities.
The albums, with all of the records in fantastic shape and most of the albums and their artwork still in rather good shape, are an interesting group. Of the eight albums, four actually have all of their records inside; three have one missing/switched, and one has contents completely different from its cover.
Of course, the album I would most want to listen to is one that is incomplete, "Artie Shaw Plays Cole Porter" by Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, Musicraft S2. Three of the four records inside are from this album: "Night and Day," b/w "Get Out of Town;" "Begin the Beguine," b/w "You Do Something to Me;" "I've Got You Under My Skin," b/w "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." "In the Still of the Night," b/w "What Is This Thing Called Love," is missing and in its place, the album contains "Sugar," b/w "Sensation Rag," by Yank Lawson and His Orchestra, Signature 15004.
Another interesting feature of this version of "Artie Shaw Plays Cole Porter" is that the album cover, seen above, is different from the two I have found posted on the Internet.
The other albums in this box are: Bing Crosby, "Going My Way," Decca Records A-405 (complete); Stan Kenton (surprisingly missing a record, since this is one of Dad's favorites), "Artistry in Rhythm," Capitol BD39; Al Jolson,"Songs He Made Famous," Decca Records 469, missing one out of four records altogether; Freddie Slack and His Orchestra, "Boogie Woogie," Capitol BD 12; Earle Spencer and His Orchestra, "Progressions in Boogie," Black and White 62; Bob Hope, "I Never Left Home" (a greatest hits of sorts of his World War II routines and tributes to the individual armed forces), Capitol CD 26.
While the last album cover indicates that it is Ethel Waters, "Cabin in the Sky," Liberty Music, the records inside are all Andre Kostelanetz and His Orchestra Columbia Masterworks recordings.
I have checked a few values so far, and nothing more than $25 for any of these has been found.


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