Wednesday, July 13, 2011

See How We Are, Walker Evans Edition

As many of you readers know, our beloved dog, Walker Evans Dunne Hosey, has been going through some health problems recently; as he nears age 13, this probably should not be too surprising.
Sadly, after several visits to the veterinarian, including a veterinary opthamologist, and some blood work, it has been determined that Walker's left eye problem is glaucoma and a tumor to the eye, and that the cancer has spread elsewhere in his body.
Val and I are devastated, and realize that the health problems Walker has had recently that have been worsening were signs and symptoms of his cancer, and we are determining the next steps to take. We don't want to worsen Walker's pain and suffering; he has had increased trouble walking (his walks are a bit shorter and much slower) and climbing/descending stairs, his balance is worse and his appetite has been greatly reduced. He has lost 14 pounds since January, and his appetite only returns when we feed him canned food or mix some canned food in with his dry food.
All three of us warmly appreciate all of the signs and expressions of love and concern that so many of you kind friends and readers have made and no doubt will continue to make, and we plan on making Walker's time as comfortable, fun and loving as possible.
And boy, could this household use some good news.


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