Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Next, Burma-Shave?

Disclaimer: If you don't shave your face or head, this post may not interest you.
After using Edge Gel for years, I decided to try Barbasol shaving cream for the first time ever this week, and damn, does it work good. Not only was my shave closer than with Edge, but I barely nicked myself using the Beard Buster version.
I realize that this may not seem like big news to most of you, but for someone who shaves his face and head and has had trouble accomplishing just the closeness and almost always cuts himself, this is big news.
On the other hand, between using Barbasol and being this thrilled at shaving results, I think I have planted both feet squarely in middle age, at least fashion/appearance wise. Maybe Tom Waits will write a song about it. Oh, and Wikipedia has a pretty extensive page on Barbasol.


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