Thursday, May 13, 2010

WBNY Alumni Weekend Playlist

I had the great pleasure once again of DJing an air shift during the WBNY 91.3 FM Alumni Weeekend, which was held April 23-25 at the Buffalo State College radio station.
I hosted a 2-hour shift (never long enough) from 6-8 p.m. Saturday, April 24, as well as co-/assistant hosted "Rebellious Jukebox" with Cal Zone (Howard Enis) Sunday, April 25, to help raise funds for the WBNY Alumni Association and, of course, WBNY.
Here is my playlist, which concentrated heavier on Buffalo/Western New York music this year than ever before, with an asterisk by every Buffalo band song:
6-7 p.m. - "No Action," Elvis Costello and the Attractions; "Hello There," Cheap Trick; *"Indy 500," girlpope; "Turn Me Round," kd lang; "Little Bit More," Rosie Flores; "Carve It to the Heart," Linda McRae; "Jackson," Lucinda Williams; *"I Won't Get Over You," RB Michael Oliver; *"The Death Ranch Theme," the JackLords; *"Vaguest," the Pillagers; *"Turn Your Face to the Sun," Cathy Carfagna; "In Every Dream Home a Heartache," Roxy Music; "Not Great Men," Gang of Four; "Hang on to Yourself," David Bowie.
7-8 p.m. - *"It's a Shame," the Riddlers; *"Come and Be Near Me," Mark Freeland; *"Tied Up with a Friend," the Restless; *"Forget That Guy," the Vores; *"What Do I Do," Bob Kozak; *"Rumble Down," the Rain; *"Hello Is Not a Word," Alison Pipitone; *"All I Ever Wanted," 1969; "Little Bitty Kiss," Buddy Miller; "Don't Worry Baby," Los Lobos; *"Roll Me Away," Greg Klyma; *"Handle It," Roger Bryan; "Don't Want to Know If You're Lonely," Husker Du; "English Civil War," the Clash; *"Hit the Honkey Tonks," Davy and the Crocketts.


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