Friday, February 26, 2010

An Old Hockey Favorite Returns

As the Team USA men's Olympic hockey team approaches Sunday's gold medal game against a yet-undetermined opponent after today's 6-1 rout of Finland, one of the most popular search strings that leads to this blog appears to have been rejuvenated.
Over the last week or so, the number of readers of this blog who got here through the search "Ryan Miller shirtless," for the Buffalo Sabres/Team USA goalie, has increased about tenfold. This started as a joke a few years ago when former Buffalo Sabre Daniel Briere did a television commercial shirtless; I mentioned how surprisingly ripped he looked and joked that I doubted the blog would get similar searches for Miller, who is rather tall and lanky/thin.
Let's see how long this surge in searches lasts, and hope that Team USA can win the men's Olympic gold and increase the search total.


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