Sunday, February 07, 2010

Catch Me Now, I'm Falling

Here is why I posted a piece on people not shoveling or clearing their walks Thursday.
Walker Evans and I were taking our daily stroll through the neighborhood when we turned off of Norwood Avenue onto Highland Avenue, heading toward Elmwood Avenue. In almost exactly the middle of the block, there was a house with its sidewalk and driveway entirely covered with an inch or two of ice and, where there was no ice, snow even deeper. This was a frequent site on our walk, but most yards had at least a bit of their walk cleared.
So Walker continued walking, using his four-leg approach to handle things nicely; I took one good, firm step, and then the second one was where the fun started. My foot went up about a foot in the air and clumsily to the front, and I started the please-let-my-feet catch-some-traction ice dance. After a moment, I thought I had caught myself, but then the next step led to my right leg going up high, and I fell.
I landed on my left knee and hip, both which remain sore now, almost 24 hours later. I limped away, but fortunately, the pain subsided and my soreness isn't too bad, along with some slight brush burns. My back, which didn't immediately hurt, is a bit sore now, but not overly painful. The leash came out of my hand, but Walker not only stopped, but came over to me right away.
Let's just say that the owner/owners of that house should feel damn lucky I am neither hurt badly nor a litigious minded person, because it would appear that a worse injury could have led to a lawsuit. I'd prefer that these and other people just clear their sidewalks.


Blogger Jill said...

You should print out a copy of this post and tape it to their door. It might give them the wake-up call they need...

That fall was probably the last thing your back needed :(

8:54 PM  
Blogger Kevin J. Hosey said...

Hmm, not a bad idea. I was thinking of writing them anonymous note, but this may work better.

My back has been feeling great, so even though the soreness isn't too bad, this is a bit of a setback.

2:53 AM  

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