Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Missed Appointment

Due to yesterday's weather and traffic conditions, I missed my chiropractor's appointment with Dr. Steve Niemiec, and I am not happy about that.
Despite leaving work downtown in what should have been enough time, it took me about 35-40 minutes to just get the three miles to my house on Buffalo's West Side, so I knew that I would never get to the Amherst office in time. Again, too many people seem to have forgotten how to drive in the snow, and even more seem to have forgotten that Delaware Avenue is a four-lane road, two lanes each way, in Buffalo.
When I got home and dashed through the snow, I tried to call and/or e-mail the chiropractor's office, but it turns out that we had a cable outage of sorts (it later turns out that it just needed rebooting, which I was too frazzled to check), and because our telephone service is through Vonage, I could neither call nor e-mail.
So, I went about walking Walker Evans, who had a great time leaping and bounding through the snow, and then shoveled our walk and driveway, with some assistance from neighbior Jim Whitford. Everything was cleared out in time for Val to get home from work, and my back was feeling pretty good then and continues to feel good now.


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