Friday, December 11, 2009

Not Much New, Shovel Wise

Like most of the Buffalo itself, we got about 6-7 inches of snow here on the West Side, so I only had about 3 inches of snow to shovel when I got home from work last night.
This was made even more acceptable with the fact that our two-doors-down neighbor, Larry, used his "new" snowplow (liberated from his parents) to plow his driveway and sidewalk and most of those of his four neighbors. I only had to widen one or two points and finish the part of the driveway inside the fence for Val, and truly thank him.
The second part of the snow was relatively normal weight and texture wise, a bit wet because not being so deep, the ground was able to heat it a bit. We've heard wind blowing since last night, but no new snow and the roads seem pretty good round here.
I hope that the Southtowns, which are now getting the brunt of the snow, can dig out and people drive safe; at least the ski slope operators and skiers are enjoying this.


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