Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Pain is Receding

About 24 hours later, I am feeling at least a bit better after, in honor of the first measurable snowfall of the season, I went legs akimbo and fell on our stairs.
Val and I were leaving for work, and she was just ahead of me, so I wanted to be next to her on the stairs in case she needed any help. Of course, it was my right leg that hit the first stair and went almost above my head; as I went to catch myself, my hand slipped off the right porch rail and I slammed my back and side into it, finally resting on my left butt cheek on the stairs.
I knew it would hurt, and it did right away and hurt pretty bad as I tried to walk it off while still going to my car to get it started. The pain subsided a bit, enough to hold the gate while Val drove out of the driveway and then to drive myself to work.
But it hurt and got more painful as the day progressed, and stiffened after a while. The pain would not occur if I was walking in an exact straight line without looking to either side or down, but standing up, sitting down and turning too much hurt a lot. I eventually got into a better groove over what movements and how sudden or gradual they were would hurt, and how much, and the pain steadied.
I forgot to apply some heat last night, but the ibuprofen helped to the point where I napped on the couch for a while before going to bed.
Things seem a bit less painful and more flexible this morning, so I'm hoping the improvement continues.


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