Friday, November 27, 2009

No Thanks, Sabres, NHL, Versus/NBC

Actually, I would really like to oh, so thank the Buffalo Sabres, National Hockey League, Versus and/or NBC for scheduling the Buffalo Sabres-Philadelphia Flyers game at 1 p.m. today, Friday.
For the douchenozzles who don't seem to understand, the vast majority of people, including Val and me, do not have the Friday/day after Thanksgiving off from work and will not be able to watch the game live.
Yes, of course, we are DVRing the game, but we will have to avoid almost all forms of media contact to not find out the score. This ought to be particularly fun for me, considering what my job/the nature of my job is. Some people also do not seem to realize that there are various other forms of professional and college sports scheduled at the same time, as well as a bit of shopping, I hear.
I do have to thank friend and super Sabres fan Renee Roberts for reminding me and several other people of the 1 p.m. game start change via Facebook.


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