Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Back a Bit Better

I broke down and tried some cold/ice pack on my back last night; while I only had time to try it once, it did seem to reduce the swelling in my back.
Obviously, my back is not 100 percent better yet, but the reduced swelling led to less pain and increased flexibility before the pair returned, so I will try more ice pack sessions today. A lot of people say do more heat or alternate it, but as a chiropractor friend said on Facebook, every person is different and every pain/injury shuld be individually diagnosed and treated.
The heat certainly can feel better, and warm showers are great, but I don't have the time in the morning and I'm sure Val does not want me to use up all of the hot water during my morning shower, so I will have to find another way. Of course, I can't seem to find the heating pad we have; it is either buried somewhere in the house or finally gave up after years of service.


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