Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Back: Good This Morning, With Help

My back is feeling pretty good this morning, so far the best it has felt since I fell and hurt it two weeks ago.
I have been getting all sorts of hints, tips and suggestions over what to do about it, and some have been followed and seem to be doing some good. Others may have to wait, if things get worse.
One of the most interesting and effective suggestions came from an old Buffalo State College/WBNY friend and DJ, Andre Frazier, who suggested I take Doan's Pills, based on some back situation he had.
While I had to laugh at first at the suggestions, since I didn't know that Doan's Pills were still made, I bought some extra strength (although that may be the regular Doan's) and started using them Sunday night. I have noticed a definite difference in flexibility and a serious lower amount of pain in my back when taking the Doan's. Some friends still laugh when I mention Doan's Pills; I just know they work.
I also used a bit of ice (ice packs), but I am now using heat as in a Chinese balm my wife Val has used, as well as some Tiger Balm, and both seem to be helping, as well as loosening things in my back. Some yoga stretching is also helping things.
I may start to look less like I should be playing shuffleboard soon.


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