Monday, August 31, 2009

More Octotber Storm Fallout

It may have happened almost three years ago, but many of us are still seeing and experiencing the effects of the October 2006 snow and ice storm that slammed Buffalo.
Up to an estimated 400,000 people lost power (luckily, Val and I did not) and all sorts of utilities, and trees were knocked down damaging buildings, vehicle, etc., and blocking roads, during the freak snow and ice storm.
Our trees, including the more than 100-year-old, enormous, more than 3-story oak in the backyard, did not sustain too much damage, mostly some cracked and fallen branches, but our Norwood Avenue neighborhood, like many others, still shows some signs of the damge.
Well, new damage isn't exactly surprising still; when I went outside to let Walker Evans out Saturday morning, I noticed that a branch was missing and that there was more light than normal coming through the oak tree. I checked and found more than 20 feet of branch, ranging from one-inch to 4 inches wide, laying broken under the tree. Fortunately, neither Walker nor anyone else was hit by the branch, and the branch did not hit our garage, our fence or any of the property of our neighbor Pat's house.
I have the feeling that this is not the end of the damage we will find from the October storm.


Blogger heather said...

We know we have a tree that is dying (I think also storm damage over a few years)because a woodpecker has drilled about 7 holes into it, and at the base either a chipmunk or squirrel has drilled a hole to live inside of it. I just hope they get a couple of years out of it before they have to move.

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