Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Don't Understand

I have tried and tried, but I just simply do not get what people see and enjoy in Bollywood movies, the musical movies made in India that are a national treasure and industry there.
I have watched entire movies, clips, so on and so forth, and man, they just do not appeal to me. I would assert that not being part of my culture, that they are hard to understand and get into, but I know many more people not from any Indian culture who really enjoy these movies, and I am confused.


Anonymous Cathy Carfagna said...

Kevin - I can't watch them for a long stretch but when I do see clips, I enjoy some of the music... and the visuals, maybe because they're so glitzy and "over the top". Have you ever seen the Barack OBollywood clip on YouTube? Cath

2:06 PM  

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