Monday, August 17, 2009

Weather and This Week

Well, I was all set to mention that I was kind of happy I had some indoor political volunteer work today and tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday, because of the excessive heat and humidity predicted by the National Weather Service. Air conditioning, here I come.
So, with the temperature at 74 degrees already before 7 a.m. Monday, does anyone really believe the NWS now that it has reduced its predicted high temperature today from 89-90 degrees to only 84 degrees? No, me neither; it's almost comical at times what happens with the NWS. I find it, through the years, to be way more accurate than Accu-Weather or other weather services, but for some reason, in recent years, it seems to pull back from predicting warmer weather, as well as higher humidity, even in the face of days like today.
Living about a mile from Lake Erie on the West Side, I suppose that it may be a bit more humid here than at the Greater Buffalo Niagara Airport in Cheektowaga, where the official readings are taken, but the temperature is supposed to be warmer out there because it doesn't have the moderating effects of Lake Erie.
So, let's see where the temperature is versus what is reported to us; yes, I know, not overly scientific, but having lived here my entire life, I can usually tell when a temperature is at 90 degrees or so. Or I could be totally wrong and a fool and the NWS correct.


Blogger heather said...

We leave for Orlando tomorrow so we have been checking on the tropical storms/hurricanes. I looked at the 7 day forecast on an Orlando TV station and it called for a 50% chance of thunderstorms for the next few days. Uh, I could have made that prediction myself.

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