Friday, August 21, 2009

Frying is Good

You can tell you're in a certain ethnic region when the hit of the political fundraiser you attended is fried bologna and peppers.
Last night, I attended such a fundraiser in West Seneca kind of near the south Cheektowaga border, and fried bologna and peppers, along with cheese and various related condiments, were incldued in the offerings. People kept going back to the fried bologna (it was impressive to see a guy stack two fat pieces of fried bologna, cheese and too much mayo on a small bun) and were raving about it the entire time I was there.
Not being a fried bologna fan (as you can tell, I am neither of Polish nor Italian heritage, and there really is no Irish cuisine), I got stuck with the usual bland sheet pizza, but at least there were some homemade desserts to sample. My compliments particularly go out to the people who baked the really good brownies as well as the chocolate chip cookie bars.
And, despite the fundraiser being held very close to the old site of the former Seneca Mall, where I worked at Cavages, I got lost on the way.


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