Monday, August 24, 2009

Different Dog Park Rain Reaction

A couple of weeks ago, Val and I took Walker Evans to the Lasalle Park dog park after a heavy rain day, and we were the only people in the park for the 45 minutes or so we stayed.
Sunday, the three of us got into the car to visit the dog park, hoping to beat the rain; of course, we didn't. The rain started coming down light for only a few seconds, got heavier and was coming down in sheets as we drove down Porter Avenue, only letting up a little as we got to the park. We decided to drive around Lasalle Park to let the rain stop.
It was still raining pretty hard as we got to the dog park parking lot, but we decided to park and try to wait the rain out. Another woman and her dog drove up and parked next to us and decided to wait as well. While we sat listening to "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" by Genesis in 97 Rock, we were able to see three people and three dogs in the park, defying the rain.
The song was not half over when the rain slowed down and then stopped; we waited barely a moment and got out of the car as the sun came out, and in seconds, there were five dogs now playing in the park. Within 5 minutes, there were 10 dogs in the park and by the time we left, there were 15 dogs with human companions frolicking there.
It appears that people have gotten sick of the rain and waiting for it to dry before they go on with their lives around here.


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